The ultimate modern solution for male pattern hair loss

Scalp Micropigmentation is the advanced solution to hairloss in the 21st century. Male pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia, and thinning is  most prevalent in men and women above the age of thirty. Hyper realistic SMP is the new solution to reclaiming your youth. If you’re considering options like hair restoration surgery, hair systems, or costly concealers, do yourself a favor a book a free consult to see what Scalp Micropigmentation and Microbladding can do for you. 


During your consultation we will go over the amount of density you would like to achieve, the color, temple suggestions, and hair length. We provide the most realistic results within the shortest amount of time. Regardless of whether you want your hair to remain long, or cut low, we will establish the most realistic outcome for your appearance. If you are ready to rectify your aging appearance book a consult now.

The world’s most advanced SMP

Advanced SMP is a three prong process which involves precision, depth, and pressure. The pigments used are vegan, and are built from carbon black. Dilution protocols are established for different skin tones, and the preferred needle is the 3 round liner. Each layer will be built upon the last to ensure each follicle impression appears real. The purpose of the separation of sessions is to allow the skin time to heal and absorb the ink. 

For Women

Create the illusion of thicker, denser hair. Perfect for female pattern baldness and alopecia

Many women who are dealing with hair loss use SMP as an alternative to hair implant surgery.  SMP can increase density and reduce overall thinning, or alopecia areata. There are many reasons female hair loss can occur; such as menopause, heredity, or hormonal imbalances such as childbirth, or a bereavement. Creating density in the hairline, or throughout the crown can combat this devasting occurrence. 

How does the process work?

The application of Scalp Micropigmentation is usually normally painless. There may be a little discomfort in more sensitive regions like the temples, but most people report only very mild sensitivity during their procedure. 

When implanting our inks, we match the hair perfectly, and every session we go up two shades to give the impression of a full head of hair. The front of the hairline is done very softly to give the appearance of freshly grown hair follicles. The sides of the hair are blended in with the crown in order to create a seamless look between native hair follicles and new impressions.

This procedure usually requires 2-3 sessions to achieve the desired result. These procedures are completed within a few weeks of each other, and their is no down time. 


Hair Transplant Scars And Scalp Micropigmentation

SMP can camouflage 80% of hair transplant scars by blending in new impressions with native follicles. A blended effect is achieved by completing several layers of different shades of color. The FUT (strip) scar, or FUE (dot) scars, can now be covered in an hour. Once all sessions are completed and healed the scars are less noticeable and you could cut your hair down.

FUT, FUE or Plug scars?

Every scar is unique, therefore every consult will go over the limitations, and expectations that will be discussed. The cellular structure of the tissue,  indentations, protrusion, differences in size, shape, color, and position mean each and every scar require a tailored approach to achieve the best level of camouflage. Scar camouflage is a very tedious task, therefore you should trust this procedure to a consummate professional.

FUE scars are small, numerous and generally easy to hide because of their size. FUT scars are more challenging but their position allows them to be easily camouflaged by a trained eye.SMP is the perfect answer to effective concealment of FUT, FUE, scalp reduction, and historic plug and cobblestone scars from old hair restoration procedures.

Millions of men agreed to hair transplants over the past 30 years, however many are now suffering the after effects as their hair continued to recede, causing a non-blended look between the implanted hair, and the native hair due to excessive thinning. If you’ve suffered in silence, and are ready to regain the confidence you lost, then book a free consult. 



If you already had SMP completed, but just wanted to be evaluated to see if your case could be corrected, updated, or changed, please book your free consult so we can discuss your options.

faded previous smp? 

The average lifecycle of an SMP treatment can vary 2-3 years before touchups. However, our clients are expected to come in for yearly evaluations to ensure they don’t need a touchup. Fading of SMP can be the result of  your lifestyle, sun exposure and the care of your tattooed scalp. Nevertheless, fading is a normal occurrence over time and a quick fix. 



Despite where you had your initial appointment, your hairline can be updated. As times change you may want to soften your hairline, bring down the temples, or darken the color. Regardless of the change requested, the options are limitless.



Microblading is the application of micro cuts into the brow area in order to change the color, size, shape, or symmetry of the brow. It can remove 10 years off of your face by softening your features and aligning your eyes with your frame. 

manual vs. machine work

Most of the brow work done at Scalp Prodigy will be done with a machine simply due to the fact that their is less trauma to the skin, a shorter healing phase, and better retention when done manually. After 400 case studies it is very easy to see the benefit of machine as the needles are thinner, the stroke pressure isn’t as heavy, and the healing time is shortened.


All touchups are considered new appointments at Scalp Prodigy. PMU Corrections are charged a higher price than virgin brows since the color may be too saturated and removal may be advised. If the color is light enough an additional fee will be added to fix the shape, color, and symmetry of the brow.


brow & SKIN treatments 

Brow treatments vary based on individual preference, but they span from waxing, to henna brow sculpting, and brow/facial combinations. If you want your brows trained, then a maintenance program will help you achieve this outcome. 

Micro facials will be performed after a 30 day skin care regimen is completed to establish pre conditioning. The skin care regimen will resurface the outer epidermis to encourage cell turnover, and establish a base line for treatment. The micro peels will further encourage clearer skin in conjunction with your aftercare.


Dry Needling


Stretchmarks, Surgical Scars, Burns, and Acne Scaring can be reduced and flattened to the touch with the help of Dry Needling. Millions of micro channels are made in the skin which help reproduce collagen. As the skin renews itself it will resurface the depressed area of the skin. The average amount of sessions vary based on the damage to skin, however 3-4 sessions is the norm. The results from treatment are stunning and have the ability to transform the skin surface.


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Scalp Micropigmentation and Microblading