Microblade and Ombré Training

Las Vegas,NV, Milpitas, CA & Silver Spring,MD

What  You'll Learn

Course Description

The Brow course curriculum will consist of the practical knowledge needed to open, maintain, and expand your permanent makeup service menu with a high ticket item. The microblading course will consist of theory, design, symmetry, and marketing. As you cultivate your new service you must build your portfolio to increase your brand loyalty. The course will give a detailed breakdown of what to expect your first year in business and how to avoid common pitfalls. The foundation of this training will heavily depend on repetitive hand movements and breathing exercises to get used to proper protocols throughout the service. The cost of the class is $3,500 with a kit or $2,500 without a kit. If you want to add advanced soft shading techniques to your training the total will be $4,500 with a kit, or $3,500 without a kit.

Method Of Instruction

The microblade course will be in person at our Las Vegas, NV or Silver Spring, MD location. The primary form of instruction will be hands-on for the duration of the course. There will be limited reading requirements since the focal point of class will be on homework exercises each day after class and hourly hands-on techniques rigorously repeated throughout the day to build muscle memory. 

Course Objectives

The Microblading course objectives will be comprised of the following mandates;


Normally prerequisites are not required for permanent makeup courses, but we strongly advise you to take the two recommended courses below to prepare you for the next step in your business. The skin anatomy and photography course will allow you to establish yourself as an educated tattoo artist and grow your social presence online. These courses can be taken before, or after class to familiarize yourself with the skin and how it pertains to the cellular reaction as the ink is placed below the epidermis. Photography skills will become necessary as you build your portfolio online, therefore placement, lighting, and a consistent brand image is useful when building your empire. Scalp Prodigy does not receive any proceeds from the digital courses below. The class referrals are simply great educational tools needed to thrive in the permanent makeup (PMU) industry.

Skin Anatomy

The Skin Anatomy digital course will provide information in regard to life within the dermatological barrier. Micropigmentation artists need to understand what happens under the skin when working, and how it will heal. Ink and depth perception enable artists to achieve excellent healed results. The course outline consists of the anatomy of the skin, how micropigmentation actually works, pigment as it enters the skin, the significance of the optical properties of the skin, the immune system, placement and depth based on skin tones, autonomic nervous system, synthetic cosmetic ingredients to avoid during and after procedures. The code to get the course discounted will be PROGENY.

COST $320.00


The Photography digital course will provide information in regard to lighting and how to achieve crisp lighting with ring lights, how to edit pictures taken with your iphone or android cellphone, which angles your client should pose in for the best effect, and tricks to give your work a dramatic flare which mirrors editorial style precision. The purpose of this course is to create professional looking photos which can help you close the leads who contact you online. Your chance of closing leads is drastically increased by your ability to tell a story online about the value of your work. Pristine, clean, and clear photos are exactly the way to achieve this goal. The code to get the course discounted will be PROGENY.

COST $187.50

Nevada Apprenticeship

Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) requires a 6 month apprenticeship in order to acquire your body art card. Apprenticeship is available to students who want to learn Scalp Micropigmentation with hands on teachers that will teach you the proper techniques and closing skills needed to become proficient in this career field. Apprenticeships are followed after completion of class. A $1000 deposit is required followed by booth rent in the amount of $250 paid weekly. The total for the apprenticeship is $7,000 in its entirety. Each month you will learn a new aspect of the field in addition to keeping every dollar earned while working. If you are interested in apprenticeship enter your information below.

Day One

Day two

Pricing Information

The price of the class is $3500 with a kit and $2500 without a kit.  Ombre techniques can be included with the microblading class for an additional $1,000 (if requested). Advanced classes are are 1 day without a kit for $1,500.  Financing is available for all course types.

Inquire About Class


Below are the average compiled questions asked about training for your viewing pleasure.

If you choose a 2 day course with a kit it will include a rotary machine with a power source and cords, 1 wax pencil for outlining the brow, 5 practice latex skins, 5 practice laminates to study brow directions, 1 student manual, 6 brown pigments, 10 prepackaged disposable blades and needles, 10 pigment rings, 1 razor, 1 scissor, 1 numbing cream, 1 box of mapping string, and 5 practice headbands.

Start promoting your new service and post a video or picture of Scalp Prodigy’s work with credit to us, but let people know what you will be offering this service soon at a discounted rate to build your portfolio.
Start working on your marketing budget, establish at least 10 models that can come in to get your portfolio filled up with work so people can trust your workmanship. Do them for free or discounted in order to showcase your skill level.
Normally it takes most students a week to get their first client. However, some students have made $2k-$5k their first month after class when they are searching for models.
The average amount of brows you book per month depends on many factors such as your marketing budget, closing ability, presentation of your workspace, personal appearance, and personality. The national average is 10-15 per month when you first start before raising your prices.
The minimum you should expect to spend is $1500.00 a month to get your landing pages up and a stable google ad account running. If you cannot budget this amount a safe amount would be $500 to at least ensure your landing page is operational.

Mentorship is free after class and will continue for six months.

Below are the average compiled questions asked during appointments for your viewing pleasure.